Project Alert

Evidenced - Based School Prevention for grades 7 and 8.

Middle school students are a group vulnerable to social influences but typically not yet heavy users of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  The goal of Project ALERT is to reduce the use of those dangerous substances by keeping nonusers from trying them and by preventing nonusers and  experimenters from becoming regular users.

Project ALERT places its emphasis on helping students identify internal as well as external pressures to use drugs and utilizes various activities to help students learn techniques for resisting them.

Project ALERT encourages Resistance Self – Efficacy, active student involvement, goals setting, parent involvement and teacher modeling in an effort to help students develop the knowledge and skills such that each he or she will be equipped to make positive and healthy choices.

Project ALERT is an eleven week program, taught once a week by a BRiDGES Prevention Education Specialist.

To learn more about how Project ALERT can benefit students in your school  call BRiDGES at 697-3947